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Just another day in paradise…..

January 27th, 2009 by Coconut Coasters | Tags: , , , , | Posted in Path News and Views |

With a busy holiday season having come and gone, business and life has returned to normal on the island. Kids are back in school and so the bulk of our business has again returned to vacationing couples who have slipped away to enjoy the island in off-peak season. Lucky and very smart folks! This time of year is one of my favorites here on Kauai as the whales have made their migration to the Hawaiian Islands and can easily be spotted right off shore breaching and what I call frolicking in the waters with their infants in tow. Cyclists are enjoying the built in pavilions along the coastal trail that offer picnic tables and bike racks, so they can park their bikes, eat lunch and enjoy the show the whales put on nearly every hour on the hour. Kapa’a point, just north of us maybe a mile is a prime place to watch as the location is slightly elevated above the coastline providing the perfect vantage point. If one misses the whales, they are sure to catch the dolphins which show up on large pods and are easy to spot with their fin sticking out of the water.

And, the whales aren’t the only ones parading their infants around Kauai. Although I am not typically a gushing fan of our local bird (the chicken), who couldn’t help but love these cute chicks that showed up on the Coconut Coasters door step last week? There are 7 of them, along with a very devoted mother. The chicks have been spoiled rotten by the patrons of the Coconut Cup Juice Bar next door and of course I have been feeding them too. Now they come to the shop twice a day and hop up the front porch stairs “peeping” loudly that they would like their bread crumbs NOW! Today they walked right in the shop when I didn’t respond to their pleas for lunch. Too funny, but I think it is only going to be funny for another couple weeks and then I am going to be in trouble.

Regarding the path….well, here is hoping that the County or State will open and release the north end of the path from Kealia to Donkey beach this coming month. Locals are restless as the access has been closed off for months, and unfortunately even with the Mayors comments that it would be open before 4th quarter, (2008) it is still under lock and key. I understand a new fence went up today. No official word on when it might be open to the public.