The plumeria: a beautiful flower found on Kauai, originally an import by the Polynesians from Indonesia
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Monk Seal Update – 3 week old pup

November 27th, 2008 by Coconut Coasters | Tags: | Posted in Monk Seals and Green Sea Turtles |

Just a quick update to let you know the pup we wrote about recently is doing great. The baby is three weeks old now and that means we all have much to be thankful for since it has made it through this critical early time. The pup is swimming now and is very playful. This picture (provided by the HMS conservation Hui) was taken as it was playfully biting its mothers front flipper while she rested. Taking care of a baby is exhausting and this mother is a good one! She is very attentive and is teaching her pup well.



Happy Kauai Thanksgiving! Hau`oli Lâ Ho`omaika`i!

November 26th, 2008 by Coconut Coasters | Posted in Coconut Wireless |

The Coconut Coaster’s Family would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our customers and community for the support and friendship we have been blessed with this past year. We are thankful for your business and loyal patronage and enjoy serving you!

We wish you and yours a bountiful Thanksgiving feast, loads of laughter with friends and loved ones and of course all the pumpkin pie you can eat!


The Costales Family


Q. What did the Turkey say to the blind farmer?


A. Moooooooo




New Baby Hawaiian Monk Seal Born on Kauai !

November 9th, 2008 by Coconut Coasters | Posted in Monk Seals and Green Sea Turtles |

11/9/08 There is exciting news to report: a new monk seal pup was born on Kauai’s south shore this weekend! The pup and mom who are both doing well are getting to know each other and resting on the shore. The pup (who is already a strong nurser), will grow very quickly and be on his/her own in 6 weeks with the healthy diet of rich milk produced by its mother. Monk seals usually wean quickly, and the pup will become more and more independent as it grows. In the next few days, it will begin to explore the very shallow water nearby and learn to hold its breath as it explores the new world on the sand and sea.

Once the mother feels it is time, she will take the baby into the water to learn to hunt for food and swim. The next few weeks are a critical time for this endangered species and disturbances from humans or dogs could cause the mother to abandon the pup.

The Kauai Monk Seal conservancy program urges all to stay 100 ft or more from resting monk seals and observe them only from a distance. Please do not make loud noises or attempt to awaken sleeping seals as the time they spend resting on the shore is critical to their health and survival. Thank you for learning about and helping protect these amazing creatures! To learn more about the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal click here or visit


(Photo provided by HMS conservation Hui –taken with zoom lens)







Adult Seal on Kauai’s North Shore: 8/08

(Photo provided by M Costales – taken with zoom lens)

Kauai’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Path wins disability access award!

November 5th, 2008 by Coconut Coasters | Tags: , , , | Posted in Path News and Views |

11/4/08 Kauai’s Ke Ala Hele Makalae, ‘the path that goes by the coast’ was recognized and awarded the State of Hawaii’s Disability Access Award. The path which offers miles of paved scenic pathway along Kauai’s east side was recognized for its accessibility, enhanced design and over all user experience. Local and visiting families of all ages enjoy the path and appreciate the wide paved access and smooth surfaces to walk or ride. Read more about the award here

Goin’ Coconuts in Kapaa, Kauai

November 2nd, 2008 by Coconut Coasters | Tags: , , , , , , | Posted in Coconut Wireless |

Coconut Festival:

Coconut Coasters was proud to be a sponsor of the 12thannual Coconut Festival and we had a blast getting out there with the community! The festival is held each year in October and hosts entertainment, children’s programming, great food and wonderful shopping. We set up a large booth in the Sponsor’s tent and had a great time chatting with visitors and enjoying the awesome entertainment.  Kenny Ishii who owns Ono Family Restaurant in Kapaa was in charge of the entertainment at the festival and did a great job scheduling local artists to perform for the thousands who attended both Saturday and Sunday.

In addition to the great bands and hula on stage, watching Kap Tafiti weave coconut baskets and shimmy up tall coconut trees was really a highlight for us. Kap is an amazing individual who put himself through school and now makes his living sharing all he knows about coconuts with the public. In addition to his skills using coconut palm fronds to make hats and baskets, he is able to climb coconut trees in seconds. We had seen pictures of him and read about his feats, but meeting him in person was the biggest joy.  Kap loves his family, community and art. He is a skilled painter with a gift for people and a contagious smile . He is full of Aloha, and shares that with the people that some to watch him perform.  We are grateful we got a chance to meet him and look forward to seeing him again soon. Visit to see short videos of his performances.  Here is an example of one from another show

What’s new with the path?  That is the question we hear most often in reference to the newest section of path north of Kealia Beach. Honestly,  we are all waiting for the big announcement that the path is now open and ready for public use. The last press release we read said that the new section would most likely open in August or September, but here it is November already and apparently there is no official word on the exact date. Some have spectulated that the county may be waiting for Kauai’s new Mayor and County Council to be in place, so they can take the opportunity to meet and greet the public with a blessing and Grand Opening event of some sort.  We assume there will be a new announcement soon.

The fence that has been up just north of Kealia still stands, with the gate only being opened for a few hours each week. County workers who have been finishing up on the path allow riders and walkers in from time to time, but for the most part it is still closed to the public. Locals seem to have run out of patience and have been going around the fence to travel the extra 1.8 miles of coastline this new section offers. I have to admit, it is the most remote and beautiful area yet and I can’t wait until we can share this with our visitors and family members who plan to visit this holiday season. One day when the gate was open, Spark and I saw dozens of large Honu feeding along the water near the cliffs, and recently some bikers spotted water spouts from passing whales just south of donkey beach. This time of year is always so exciting, especially when whale season arrives! 

As someone we know and love often says…..”Just can’t wait!”

PS. We miss you Brandon!!