The plumeria: a beautiful flower found on Kauai, originally an import by the Polynesians from Indonesia
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August 24th, 2008 by Coconut Coasters | Tags: , , , | Posted in What's new at the shop |

At Coconut Coasters, we recognize our visiting customers are here to enjoy some much needed fun and exercise while on vacation, and they have many choices on how to spend their time.  Kayaking, surfing, snorkeling and of course biking are among the long list of activities people can choose from when looking for Kauai adventures, and none of those options will disappoint!  So how do we stand out from the crowd?

We have “SPARK”!!

In case you don’t know him…Spark is our Manager and co-owner of Coconut Coasters. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet him, you should stop on in and say hello!  You will be glad you did.

Working at the shop every day provides Spark, aka the ‘spokesman’ opportunities to get to know the community and help our customers enjoy the day in the Kapa’a area.  He has his daily routine and system down pat now, from greeting each customer the second they walk in the door to helping them choose the right bike.  The result, our customer feedback lets us know that they really appreciate being treated like their business is important to us and that they are #1 in our eyes.

Spark does a great job of welcoming our customers not only to our shop, but to the island.  Although he truly believes that the path along the coast has something to offer everyone, his goal really is to help each customer understand what the ride offers so they can make an educated decision about how to spend their time.  Whether they choose to rent or not, there are no pressure sales tactics in our store and our customer appreciates that.

In addition to the personalized service he offers with the bikes, he never seems to run out of time with customers, even offering them tips on places to visit or sharing his experiences on favorite hiking trails and restaurants. Spark has also really put himself out there to our local customers too, and his regular business is growing weekly.  Even those who don’t ride come by as they are walking the path to talk story with him, share a joke and catch up on what’s going on in the area.  He appreciates the community support and loves the attention. 

So, the family wants to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU SPARK for your dedication and commitment to ensuring each of our visitors and customers leave our store feeling appreciated and respected.  We are all proud and grateful to you that you are the face of Coconut Coasters Beach Bike Rentals!  Aloha!