The plumeria: a beautiful flower found on Kauai, originally an import by the Polynesians from Indonesia
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Finding our path

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There have been so many changes for us this past year. While listening to our customer feedback, it became evident pretty quick that we needed to stretch our wings and offer a wider variety of products and services.

In 2011, we will offer:

  • New - Trek Mountain Bikes have just arrived! We have several sizes and styles for those who want ‘more bike’ with the goal to get off the beaten path.
  • New – Trek Road Bikes! This is a big one for us as we have been the so called “bike path folks” for the past three years and so venturing down the “road” path is exciting. We hope to support those who are traveling here for the triathlons and other long distance riders. Give us a call to reserve them in advance if you are interested.
  • New – Bike repair and maintenance! Our full service bike repair shop in Kapaa offers service with a smile. We have a knowledgeable friendly staff that will take care of your bike, old or new and provide you with the service you deserve.
  • New – Snorkel Rental Equipment. You said it and we heard you!
  • New – Burley infant bike strollers/trailers to rent! We have always had a solution for infants 18 months and older, but we have just placed an order for Burley jogging strollers and bike trailers making toting along the baby an easy task

5 Star Excellent service! We have always been proud of the great feedback we have gotten from our local and visiting customer base and are pleased to say we have over 300 internet reviews of our shop with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Our gratitude goes out to our awesome customers and local neighbors for their honest and helpful feedback. Your comments have helped us get moving and provided us direction as we have continued to grow. Congratulations to Spark, JD and Angelo for the awesome service that has been reflected in our 5 star ratings! We wouldn’t be where we are without you, so THANK YOU!

What is new with the path? The paving work over the Wailua Bridge connecting Lydgate Park with the entrance to Kapaa is planned to kick off this week according to the road work signs. The bridge is in place and it looks great! Although the barricades are up and it is pretty difficult to see the entire project from our vantage point, the signs indicate that the paving work will be done this week and I assume we will see some activity towards opening this section of path in the very near future. Although there is still a good 1.5 miles from Kapaa to this new bridge that is not done, riding along the road and crossing the bridge to get to Lydgate will be easier and much safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Moonlight Rides:

Coconut Coasters has been hosting monthly Moonlight rides each month just in time to watch that big beautiful moon rise over our amazing Coconut Coast. Locals are welcome to join us and bring their own bikes. Visitors are also welcome and can rent bikes for a discounted rate if booked in advance. More information is available on line at:

Coconut Coasters Beach Bike Rentals and Repair

4-1586 Kuhio Highway, Kapaa HI 96746


808 822 7368

Grand Re-Opening for Chicken in a Barrel

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Chicken in a Barrel is having their Grand Re-Opening celebration today and tomorrow (Nov 26-27) with live music, lunch plate specials and something even for the dinner hour. Come on by and work off your Turkey Legs from your Thanksgiving feast with a bike ride along the coast, to make room for some of their amazing BBQ Pork and Beef.

Coconut Coasters is open all weekend, come on down!

Friday 9 AM

Saturday 9 AM

Sunday 9 AM


See you there!

New Neighbor for Coconut Coasters! CHICKEN IN A BARREL, Kapaa HI

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So much exciting news to report but first I want to announce that we have a new neighboring business that just opened their doors today! Congratulations to Chicken in a Barrel!

You won’t be able to mistake the wonderful smell of BBQ Pork, Chicken and Beef smokin’ in their special barrels as you head down the highway in North Kapaa. Come on down and join the fun and good eats!

Also want to welcome back Kelsey for our summer rush! Kelsey has been away at school but is already back and working hard at the shop!

In addition to our regular staff, Angelo has also joined us permanently and has taken on a lot of responsibility here at Coconut Coasters. We are excited to have him on board and look forward to the great ideas and skills he brings to the table.

Summer is here! BRING IT!

Building the path in Wailua Beach Park

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Submitted by KauaiPath.Org on Wed, 08/19/2009 - 10:53am.

Building part of the next portion of Ke Ala Hele Makalae (connecting Lydgate Park to Lihi Park) within Wailua Beach Park has been a topic of recent discussions. Following is one of the questions posed by reporter Michael Levine of The Garden Island Newspaper to Kauai Path.

GI: What were the other alternatives for the path route through Wailua?

Under the contract awarded to Kimura International, Inc. to prepare the required Environmental Assessment, the project team considered three route alternatives: (1) a coastal option, (2) a roadway option (along the Kuhio Highway shoulder or shared use of low-volume roadways), and (3) a mauka option (adjacent to the inland canal system). Because of severe space limitations within the Kuhio Highway right-of-way, the project team focused on two alternatives within the Wailua Beach section: the coastal and mauka options.

Below is a photo-simulation of the boardwalk planned for the Wailua Beach Park.

Exciting News Just in Time for Summer!

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With the summer season close at hand, the un-official word that the north section of the path has already been opened couldn’t have come at a better time. Riders, walkers and joggers have been not-so-patiently waiting for the gates to come down so they could again traverse the winding path along the shoreline from Kealia Beach to Kuna Bay (AKA Donkey Beach). This area, once an old cane haul road has been paved and now provides easy access to all while offering some of the best photo opportunities I have seen along Kauai’s east side.

The 1.8 mile addition to what is already a spectacular path was well worth the wait. Although the county took months to open the gates, the pavement is smooth and protective fences have been placed strategically along sections that have notoriously been problem areas for both walkers and riders. The goal of the fencing and new drainage areas is to curb the rock slides and water run-off issues common during hard rain. Although to my knowledge no official announcement has been published, the gates preventing access and signs warning of violations have been removed, so the public can breeze on by and take in the sites.

The county has placed two nice covered pavilions with picnic benches along the path route, both with exceptional views. The new signage at Kealia is also outstanding and provides riders/walkers with information about places of interest along the path as well. We are really proud and excited that our east side path is growing and that the plans to continue the work are coming along so nicely! Congratulations Mayor Carvalho


Mayor Provides Opportunity for Community Involvement:

On-line registration for participants and volunteers has just begun for the Mayor-A-Thon—a FREE celebration marking the opening all four miles of the Kapaa to Ahihi Point & Kuna Bay (Donkey Beach) section of Ke Ala Hele Makalae!


click here to register on-line!

Walk, run, bike and talk story with Mayor Bernard Carvalho at this 1st Annual Mayor-A-Thon Event celebrating fitness. The event starts & finishes at Kapaa Beach Park.

Prizes for the best decorated bike, stroller & participant! Co-sponsored by Get Fit Kauai (NPAC), County of Kauai-Department of Parks & Recreation, and Kauai Path.


7:00 am Saturday morning, June 27 at the Kapaa Beach Park

This event is a FUN 2, 4, 6, or 8 mile walk, stroll, jog, run, or bike event on the new path—NOT A RACE.


Coconut Coasters is offering a flat rate, $10 bike rental from 6:30 am (pick up time) until 11:00 am (return time) for all participants with advance reservations only. Please call 808-822-7368 to reserve your bike today!


All are welcome, but the first 300 people registered for the event on-line will be eligible to receive a free breakfast and tank top!  Who can beat that?

You must be present at the Mayor-A-Thon by 7:30 am on June 27th to collect the free items—if you register on-line but are not signed in by 7:30 am on the day of the Mayor-A-Thon…your breakfast ticket and tank top will be given away to someone else. 


Please share this registration info with friends, co-workers, bosses, families, and anyone else you think would be interested.  

Registration forms are also available at Coconut Coasters in Kapa`a. Mail the completed form to: Ms. Bev Brody, PO Box 392, Kilauea, HI. 96754…but the best way to register is online at


Coconut Coasters is on the air!

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We are excited to announce that Coconut Coasters has officially made it on the air to KVIC TV in Kauai. Our commercial was recently finished and is now available for viewing on the web and on air!

Many thanks to our customers and friends for helping us create and produce the video! We couldn’t have done it without you. The all star cast includes:

  • Alissa Barry of Hawaii
  • Mary and Barry Bowen of British Columbia
  • Joshua Easterling of Colorado
  • Denise, Jayson and Tyler Hawthorn of Hawaii
  • Lucas and Kenny Ishii of Hawaii
  • Dale and Sandra Purcell of British Columbia
  • Susan and Steven Skommesa of California

    And of course Spark, our beloved Manager!


Coconut Coaster’s will celebrate our one year anniversary March 19th! We are planning a nice event that day with discounts for our local and repeat customers. We would like to express our love and gratitude to all who have helped us get up and running this past year and for those who have become loyal customers and friends!

Be green – Rent a bike in Kauai!


Just another day in paradise…..

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With a busy holiday season having come and gone, business and life has returned to normal on the island. Kids are back in school and so the bulk of our business has again returned to vacationing couples who have slipped away to enjoy the island in off-peak season. Lucky and very smart folks! This time of year is one of my favorites here on Kauai as the whales have made their migration to the Hawaiian Islands and can easily be spotted right off shore breaching and what I call frolicking in the waters with their infants in tow. Cyclists are enjoying the built in pavilions along the coastal trail that offer picnic tables and bike racks, so they can park their bikes, eat lunch and enjoy the show the whales put on nearly every hour on the hour. Kapa’a point, just north of us maybe a mile is a prime place to watch as the location is slightly elevated above the coastline providing the perfect vantage point. If one misses the whales, they are sure to catch the dolphins which show up on large pods and are easy to spot with their fin sticking out of the water.

And, the whales aren’t the only ones parading their infants around Kauai. Although I am not typically a gushing fan of our local bird (the chicken), who couldn’t help but love these cute chicks that showed up on the Coconut Coasters door step last week? There are 7 of them, along with a very devoted mother. The chicks have been spoiled rotten by the patrons of the Coconut Cup Juice Bar next door and of course I have been feeding them too. Now they come to the shop twice a day and hop up the front porch stairs “peeping” loudly that they would like their bread crumbs NOW! Today they walked right in the shop when I didn’t respond to their pleas for lunch. Too funny, but I think it is only going to be funny for another couple weeks and then I am going to be in trouble.

Regarding the path….well, here is hoping that the County or State will open and release the north end of the path from Kealia to Donkey beach this coming month. Locals are restless as the access has been closed off for months, and unfortunately even with the Mayors comments that it would be open before 4th quarter, (2008) it is still under lock and key. I understand a new fence went up today. No official word on when it might be open to the public.

Monk Seal Update – 3 week old pup

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Just a quick update to let you know the pup we wrote about recently is doing great. The baby is three weeks old now and that means we all have much to be thankful for since it has made it through this critical early time. The pup is swimming now and is very playful. This picture (provided by the HMS conservation Hui) was taken as it was playfully biting its mothers front flipper while she rested. Taking care of a baby is exhausting and this mother is a good one! She is very attentive and is teaching her pup well.



Happy Kauai Thanksgiving! Hau`oli Lâ Ho`omaika`i!

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The Coconut Coaster’s Family would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our customers and community for the support and friendship we have been blessed with this past year. We are thankful for your business and loyal patronage and enjoy serving you!

We wish you and yours a bountiful Thanksgiving feast, loads of laughter with friends and loved ones and of course all the pumpkin pie you can eat!


The Costales Family


Q. What did the Turkey say to the blind farmer?


A. Moooooooo




New Baby Hawaiian Monk Seal Born on Kauai !

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11/9/08 There is exciting news to report: a new monk seal pup was born on Kauai’s south shore this weekend! The pup and mom who are both doing well are getting to know each other and resting on the shore. The pup (who is already a strong nurser), will grow very quickly and be on his/her own in 6 weeks with the healthy diet of rich milk produced by its mother. Monk seals usually wean quickly, and the pup will become more and more independent as it grows. In the next few days, it will begin to explore the very shallow water nearby and learn to hold its breath as it explores the new world on the sand and sea.

Once the mother feels it is time, she will take the baby into the water to learn to hunt for food and swim. The next few weeks are a critical time for this endangered species and disturbances from humans or dogs could cause the mother to abandon the pup.

The Kauai Monk Seal conservancy program urges all to stay 100 ft or more from resting monk seals and observe them only from a distance. Please do not make loud noises or attempt to awaken sleeping seals as the time they spend resting on the shore is critical to their health and survival. Thank you for learning about and helping protect these amazing creatures! To learn more about the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal click here or visit


(Photo provided by HMS conservation Hui –taken with zoom lens)







Adult Seal on Kauai’s North Shore: 8/08

(Photo provided by M Costales – taken with zoom lens)